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What magic can you create for your marriage today? What magic can you weave to lift your wife into the Light today?

Magic plays an important role in our lives.

Imagine; it’s the end of the world, we’re stuck on a deserted island, and then all of a sudden, one guy steps forward and puts on a puppet show to entertain us. To lift our Spirits.

At first it isn’t accepted. We laugh at him.

Then, we soften into the idea, because he doesn’t back down.

A puppet show? And we’re all going to die soon from lack of food?

He puts on the show. We all laugh, we enter out spirit-filled selves, and suddenly, it doesn’t seem so bleak.

One person steps up in his enthusiasm and says, “I got an idea for food!!”
Another says, “I know how we can make a make-shift home out of these leaves.”
“I can start a fire!” yells another.

And in their heightened Spirit, they manage for another day to survive, this time, With shelter and optimism to Win.

We can put magic into our lives by making things for one another. Sure we can buy things, but what’s cool about buying something made by someone else when we’re trying to weave a direct message into our partner’s hearts?

Five months ago, during a dark time in our home, I had the desire to see my wife smile again. I hadn’t seen her powerful smile in awhile, and I wished for her to know just how it can change the space around her when she uses it!!

So I found 4 lovely pictures of my wife with her friends, smiling and enjoying life. I blew the photos up and had them printed out. I found cute frames for them and put them up one day in our kitchen next to one another. Not one but FOUR big photos of her, friends, and her and I smiling and enjoying.

She came home and was startled.

“Huh? What is this?” she asked.

“It’s your smile to warm our home! I love your smile, so I was inspired to show it everyone who comes into our kitchen.”

She was silent. A little confused as to the internal meaning and reasoning.

See, I know her smile and her Highest Spirit is what’s real. Her love is what’s real. Yes, I enjoy seeing it, AND I know she benefits from seeing it too.

Remember the study they did a few years ago on Botox clients?

They took a large number of depressed people, put them into a study, botoxed their frown muscles, and in 2months, 80% of them were no longer clinically depressed, because they couldn’t form a frown any longer. Simply smiling (being forced to smile or be neutral) cured them.

A few months went by, and one day I heard she says, “Wow, I never knew I had so many friends,” with a big smile on her face. Thank you for making those, I would have never done that for myself.

Mission Accomplished.

What goes around comes around.

During my birthday, she printed out an old picture of us looking very in love. She found an eclectic frame for it, and spent a long time making it all artsy. Paint markers, painting, painting our picture with spiritual lines, hearts, and even little rhinestones glued onto it..

It was amazing, and it ended up looking like a little altar photo, to be blessed and bowed before each day.

I keep it by my bedside oftentimes, and wouldn’t you know, when I wake up, I often sit before it, put my hands together, and smile in gratitude to Great Divine Spirit for blessing me with her to enjoy this dream with. I then offer her a blessing of prosperity and joy for the day, then I get up and begin.

She becomes a way for me into my Divine nature. And this was accomplished by hermagical artwork and picture of us in love.

Magic, things we create for another, with a deeper message within it can provide profoundly positive shifts for us.

We can make felt hearts, learn how to sow, design a shirt for our partner, buy trinkets at Goodwill and create something awesome with them that symbolize our love for our partner… The ideas are endless.

Begin with an idea for what you’d like to have with your partner.

Communication? Travel? Love? Sex? Respect?

Feel what this blessing would look like to you.

Then begin asking for these items to find their way to you, so you can put them together as a project for your partner. Your hands will create the dream you have for your life and your partner.

Your creations are magical!!

And nothing from China will ever come close to what your hands, your mind, your Heart, your intentions and your Spirit will put together for her. It’s powerful.

So consider this art from the heart project, and begin making something for your wife this week. Large or small, it’s the effort that counts. Your energy will imprint your creation and it will be felt each time she passed by it or feels it next to your heart.

I look forward to hearing about your magical idea, letter, or creation next week!

Blessings to you. 

<![CDATA[New Vipassana Audio CD for Beginners available for Holiday Season 2014 - 2015]]>Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:52:02 GMT/blog/new-vipassana-audio-cd-for-beginners-available-for-holiday-season-2014-2015
~Welcome to the 2014 Happy Holiday Season~
New Beginner Audio Meditation CD available for Vipassana!!
A few years ago, when I began rigorously training Vipassana meditation it was because I quickly was experiencing results in my life. I was letting go of my views and opinions more often, I was choosing my peace over some drama, and I felt a deeper connection with myself that I had never experienced. Training Vipassana seemed to open doors for me that reminded me of myself long, long ago when I felt naturally happy.

Soon after beginning a series a 10-day retreats in India, I began recording audios to meditate with. I had been a relaxation therapist with another meditation modality before coming to Vipassana, so this felt very natural to me.

Audio Order/vipassana-audio.html

Over time these audios became higher and higher in quality. I noticed for myself that sitting with audios was extremely beneficial to my progress. Though I never set out to create Vipassana audio CDs or to sell audios on the internet for Vipasana meditators, I heard of other meditators desiring audios that were led by other meditation instructors, besides the great SN Goenka and Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

Meditating with Vipassana Audio
Due to this ‘demand’ from fellow meditators, I posted some of these audios online to see if they helped others as well. One of those audios, 'Golden Buddha', recently reached 33,333 views on YouTube.

So I compiled the best of the best ‘beginner’ audios from the last 4 years; audios I recorded from guiding others in need of relaxation and stress relief in their lives. Some of these audios are from one-on-one sittings, and others are when I guided groups in their Vipassana Instruction.

And I’m happy to say that our official “The Ultimate Beginner Vipassana Meditation CD” in audio mp3 format is complete and ready for download. In fact, the day we posted it, it sold 3 copies in a short amount of time.

So I re-editted some of the audios making it even better, and on Thanksgiving Day, the CD was fully completed and available for download. 

Sales from each audio allow for us to continue teaching Vipassana around the world. For $13.13, one receives 8 fully-guided meditations plus a Bonus audio of great variety to practice with and enjoy. Great for beginners and adepts alike, this series keeps your sitting fresh and carries with it a supportive and peaceful energy within each audio to guide you into deep states of Insight.

Audio Order/vipassana-audio.html

If you are new to Vipassana, and you’ve watched one of the powerful movies on it, like “The Dhamma Brothers”, or if you’ve completed a few 10-day silent meditation retreats around in the world, then you will be sure to find value in this CD compilation.  

Authentically-guided and providing a wealth of information within each audio, we look forward to hearing from you after you’ve been practicing with your copy for a few weeks.

Enjoy – Namaste – Metta

Jan Tijmes
Vipassana Meditator, Inner Intelligence Coaching, Relaxation Therapist
Vipassana New World

<![CDATA["I have paid my Dues"- The challenges of monastic penances for our Awakening]]>Sat, 22 Nov 2014 07:35:21 GMT/blog/i-have-paid-my-dues-the-challenges-of-monastic-penances-for-our-awakeningPicture
Dear Students of Life,

What a big week for each of us, right? So many changes, shifts, relationship adjustments, choices being made, major life changes, emotional stirring....

This past week I was having a long conversation with my "Spiritual Reminder", someone who helps me to remember who I deeply am. And during our conversation I received a few past-life visions from me living as an ascetic, training in monastic communities, denying my Will, holding back in life so as to 'train my mind', and not honoring my Heart's True desires. I felt that I have been a martyr in many lives, living in spiritual suffering as if to please God; some Grand Being separate from myself, who apparently enjoys my suffering and the suppression of my Will.

So I mentioned these visions to my Reminder, and she said, "Are you done paying your dues?"
This simple questions felt uneasy inside of me.
So I said out loud, "I am done paying my dues. I have suffered long enough."

And saying these words out loud, it was as if magical pixie dust was sprinkled all over my body, breaking a long-time Agreement or Bond on my soul, and a profound Lightness was experienced.

"I have paid my dues" Video: http://youtu.be/FU-_u2RMmL8.

I then said this again and again, which led to great tears rushing from my eyes.

And then I "real-eyes" that I had kept myself in a deprived state for as long as I could remember, not honoring my Truth or playing like the Child of God that I know I am.  

I realized that Awakening is actually an easy process. Our Religions and systems of training is what make them hard. Long forms of training that take years.

The flip-side to life-long training is the "quantum leap approach" of just knowing that we are Whole and Complete Right Now. It is simply a choice, and it is a form of remembering who we already are. Being multidimensional Beings, this is a reality for each of us.

Awakening can happen to any one of us in this moment. It simply takes our deep desire to Be our Spirit in each moment and sharing in the Breath of Spirit, listening and feeling Her each moment.

So this video was filmed a few hours later once some of the key insights had settled. There are some sweet forms of training and understanding that are shared in it, that I know are good for me to re-hear from time-to-time, so I imagine you may also find benefit in it.

"I have paid my dues" Video: http://youtu.be/FU-_u2RMmL8.

If you are stuck in life, challenged by your relationship or career, hang on tight, because life is changing so fast these days. We aren't being asked to Create 'just yet'. We are each receiving the major downloads to help us get into alignment with our Heart's True Desire. And soon... by next Spring?? life will be sending us the message to move forward with our new Truths.

Keep doing as our Great Universe is doing; Remain in Movement with your life. Move, act, feel, explore, play, and dream. Know that the time is nearing for us to step up and Be our Higher Selves, minus the suffering.

I wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving with your families this November, and may you free yourself and yell out loud, "I have Paid my Dues".

Should you desire clarification or healing for your life's path or an inspiring message to renew your Spirit, you know where to find me for Spiritual Sessions. A simple 'reply' will get the ball rolling. I love hearing from you all.

with Love,
Jan Tijmes
Inner Intelligence Coaching
Vipassana Retreats

and ps: with all this Quantum Remembering stuff, what role does Vipassana play in our lives?
Vipassana is a lovely practice of daily remembering. It allows you to feel, to get clear, to choose Spirit, to commune with your Spirit, to choose what your Heart's tugging on you to Do (using the clarity and calm mind you achieve), and it purifies your mind, so this 'Remembering' is easier for you.

Our next intimate 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat based on the Classical India Tradition will be hosted here in Sedona, AZ from March 11 through March 22nd, 2015. If you desire assisting and/ or attending this loving and challenging experience, please fill out an application on our website at: /retreat-application.html.

May You Remember You.
Blessings :)

"I have paid my dues" Video: http://youtu.be/FU-_u2RMmL8.

<![CDATA[Vipassana Meditation Retreat 2015]]>Fri, 10 Oct 2014 20:34:11 GMT/blog/vipassana-meditation-retreat-2015Picture
UPCOMING 2015 Vipassana Meditation Retreats:
  1. Sedona, AZ, March 11 thru 22nd, 2015, (coinciding with the Twentynine Palms Southern California Vipassana Center (SCVC) course).
  2. Austin, TX: April 29 thru May 10th, 2015, (coinciding with the Dhamma Siri Dallas Retreat).
  3. Possible additional retreats for Sedona and Kansas City in later 2015.

{Vipassana New World is not affiliated withe the SCVC or Dhamma Siri Retreat Centers}

A silent 10-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat is coming to Sedona this March 11 through March 22nd, 2015.

The teaching is free, and retreatants may offer a 'dana', or heartfelt donation of their choosing following their retreat. These go towards the organic meals and accommodations.

We am delighted to feel the momentum building. This truly is our favorite retreat to experience. It is the depth of the experience that is the most valuable to each person. 

See Vipassana Testimonial at bottom of this post:

As an example, if my life begins moving faster and faster, with more stress and commitments, how do i slow it back down when the momentum has built to such a fast pace?

Vipassana 10-day retreats is a way in which to kindly place an anchor in my life to quickly bring myself back to a normal pace and heal many of these 'fast-paced & harmful' patterns that I'd prefer not to play out unconsciously.

We look forward to meditating with you.
If you are interested in this retreat, please message me or Vipassana New World, and we'll take it from there. Many volunteering positions are available too. This is a community effort to put together. Cooks, sevaks, retreat location, website assistance, marketing, and administrative assistance is requested, unless this is your first retreat.

Vipassana New World retreats can be more intimate than worldwide retreat events, as our retreats are for smaller groups (between 8 to 20 retreatants) and for individuals desiring more one-on-one assistance and support in their retreat experience.

Interested retreatants are encouraged to fill out the Comment Box below, call our office at 818.632.1179 to share your questions about this retreat, and to fill out an online Vipassana application.

    Interest in upcoming Vipassana Meditation Retreat:

"Vipassana found me just in the nick of time.  We all have losses in our lives; we experience bitter disappointment, the end of relationships through death or divorce, or the challenges inherent to parenting.  The opposite is also true. During those times we can almost always say, “Thank God I’ll always have you”.  Then I didn’t. 

The longest, most important relationship of my life ended and I literally could not move off the couch. I was wrecked beyond recognition. It felt like the entire world had shifted and the one thing I knew was True, wasn’t true anymore.  The only things left to do were sleep and watch Netflix and hope somehow I’d breathe again.  

That’s when I came across “The Dhamma Brothers”, a documentary highlighting the life changing benefits practicing Vipassana had on the inmates in Donaldson Correctional Facility in Alabama. These men were hardened criminals; full of anger, rage, regret, guilt, shame, loss, loneliness, and despair.  The healing Vipassana brought to them was visible on their face as well as in their behavior and their ability to cope with the reality of what it means to live out their lives incarcerated.  

I knew in a flash I had to have it too. I was desperate to heal and move forward and it felt like this was my last resort.  I found Vipassana New World and through a series of “random events” a way was provided to me that allowed me to attend a 10 day noble silence retreat. It changed my life. But not because Vipassana in and of itself is life changing. It would be more accurate to say Vipassana changes minds, and when minds change, life changes.  

It seems counterintuitive to think that focusing on your own body’s sensations can do anything other than make us even more self-absorbed than we already are, but it does. It really does. Practicing Vipassana creates space in my mind. In that space I’m able to forgive. In that space I find clarity and insight and understanding. It makes room, in the room made clear, peace comes.  

My practice is a work in progress and although I am not disciplined in consistency yet, the benefit of a sitting lasts for days and even weeks to come. Unlike other forms of meditation, whose benefit is felt most during the sitting, with Vipassana the benefits last well beyond the time spent in silence. In fact, the benefits seem to multiply exponentially and have a cumulative healing effect.  

I still don’t understand how that is, I just know that it IS and it is the single greatest thing I can do for my mental, emotional, and spiritual health and it will be with me for the rest of my life. 


-Patty R., RN (nursing) student and mother, Florida

Question: "Do I need to prepare for this retreat? I hear it's quite challenging."

Vipassana is such a personal technique and we each respond differently to it. 
Some people prepare while others do not.

Sometimes it can take until Day 5 before we're really invested in what's happening to us in the retreat. This is the one technique that allows us to fully understand and master the way our own minds work, and this is invaluable longterm.

For preparations, we don't see much value in practicing meditation each day, as 10 hours of daily Vipassana which you receive in your retreat will be far beyond any 30minute or 1hr daily practice meditation you try on your own.

Instead, we like to look at 'why' a retreat can be so emotionally or mentally challenging, and to assist students who enjoy preparing by easing many of these 'programs' prior to retreat.
We offer a 30-day program called 'Inner Intelligence Coaching for Vipassana' and another called 'Breaking Codependency with Vipassana.' Each serves to prepare a student for retreats and for daily life in fantastic effective ways.

To sit in a retreat, programs which arise can be related to anxiousness, traumas, inconsistency, lack of discipline & following a schedule, sitting still, not talking, doing one task for prolonged periods of times, etc. Each of these can awaken dormant 'programs' within us that will try to block us from deeper meditation. Our coaching sessions together serve to expose and heal many of these beliefs (mental/ emotional programs) prior to one's retreat and post-retreat, so you may dip into your peaceful states with more ease. (Post-retreat many people notice many daily stress programs arise that 'block' us from our daily sitting, and our sessions together pinpoint the exact reasons why and transform these, so meditation can continue).

Whatever you choose, be gentle on yourself following your retreat. It can take some time to rebalance following one's retreat, sometimes 3 days to 3 weeks to 3 months, so be very gentle on yourself during this recalibration period & Movement Activities can greatly help!! (sprinting, yoga, power-walking..)

What's for sure is that in your retreat, you'll have cleared so many 'blocks' to your prosperity (or opened up new chapters in your spiritual development) that oftentimes new opportunities and business open up for us when we return home.

We wish you great luck and healing during your retreat. Should you desire a personal one-on-one assessment of your readiness for your retreat, we invite you to call us up for a 20minute complimentary evaluation.

<![CDATA[Group Sitting Vipassana Meditation beginner Audio CD Now Available]]>Sat, 20 Sep 2014 01:01:14 GMT/blog/group-sitting-vipassana-meditation-beginner-audio-cd-now-availablePicture
Our 'Come Learn Vipassana' for Beginners CD is now available for purchase and download. This CD contains 8+ full-length, fully-guided, authentic, compassionate audios, sharing the basics of Vipassana with great depth. Vipassana Audios are downloaded as mp3.

Students are encouraged to consider a one-on-one personally guided Vipassana session with VNW, should they desire deeply transforming their lives with Vipassana and emotional mastery. Complimentary sessions are available for those considering 30-day courses in Vipassana and life-mastery, who are sincere and dedicated to their lives.

An example audio may be listened to and experienced via the below link:
Group Sitting Vipassana Meditation Audio (one hour in length and in the style of SN Goenka, with minor adjustments to reflect the teachings of leading monk scholars and leading healing modalities).

Proceeds from the sales of this CD allow for continued sharing of the teachings of Vipassana in retreats and for "Breaking Codependency with Vipassana" students and "Inner Intelligence Coaching" students; 30-day courses which have been hailed as, "a ridiculously low fee for what I receive in each session with you. The prosperity in my business continues to rise."

Proceeds keep courses low in cost, pay for our office space, and allow for scholarships during various Vipassana Retreats. (If you are considering a 30-day Coaching course, consider the Complimentary Session offer, and see comment box below).

Please click link for the Audio section of this website to view and purchase Vipassana Meditation Audio mp3 CDs.


May you enjoy your peaceful sitting.

    Complimentary Session (2hr) for sincere students of life

<![CDATA[Holy Tuesday Group Sitting: "Are you Taking on Other people's Emotions?" ]]>Mon, 25 Aug 2014 20:07:15 GMT/blog/holy-tuesday-group-sitting-are-you-taking-on-other-peoples-emotionsPicture
Holy Tuesday Group Sitting via phone, 6:30pm PST Sitting: Mirror Neurons & Are you taking on other people's emotions??

Do you ever feel you’re taking on other people’s emotions? Do you notice someone close to you who’s angry or sad around you, and then you find yourself really angry or sad too?
And did you ask to receive these emotions? And are there a few processes we can learn to block ourselves naturally from taking on other people’s emotions?

This last few weeks has been an astrological rollercoaster and we are not in the clear yet. News of Robin Williams, cloudy days, interesting star patterns... We're now being asked to reconnect with our sense of Peace, so we're still in action "Go-Time", bringing awareness to who we truly are.

Come enjoy a peaceful Holy Tuesday evening sitting at 6:30pm PST where we’ll enjoy a chapter on ‘empathy’ called “Chameleon: Selflessness”, by Doug Kraft in his book, “Buddha’s Map”, by Blue Dolphin Publishing.

This past week I’ve certainly noticed a deepening in myself, uncovering old unconscious patterns of ignorance and old unconscious patterns of experiencing someone else’s emotional triggers which then trigger my own emotions, and the interesting story that follows.

Well, listen, it’s not my stuff, and it’s not your stuff. So let’s learn a little about how this works using the Buddha’s teachings and from our emotional bodies to build our toolbox and our mental strength to consciously remain in our own bodies, owning our own stuff- and not taking on anyone else’s.

Blessings to you all and may you have a fruitful week,

What: Vipassana Meditation Group tele-Sitting
When: Tues, Aug 26th, 2014
Time: evening, 6:27pm PST to 7:45pm PST
Topic: Are you taking on other people’s emotions?
Call Codes: 605.477.2100, access 705525#
Who may join?: any worldwide Vipassana student may call in

For a concise article on this topic that begins to shed light on what we’ll be reading prior to our meditation, please visit: “How to stop absorbing other people’s emotions”: http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Absorbing-Other-People's-Emotions.

<![CDATA[Inner Intelligence Coaching and Vipassana Meditation]]>Thu, 21 Aug 2014 19:34:48 GMT/blog/inner-intelligence-coaching-and-vipassana-meditationPicture
In this Newsletter Blogpost you'll find
1) a Vipassana Question
2) what is Inner Intelligence Coaching
3) Upcoming travel News to Missouri to train a new Buddha meditation technique for 7 days.


We received a question from a student of Vipassana, and today I'm sharing the response as I've come to understand it by practicing Vipassana and Inner Intelligence Coaching (emotional body healing).
It's super helpful in understanding why 'emotional healing' is even important alongside Vipassana.

My question is: how do you know the mind isn't creating the sensation by observing an area under the nose,,, and by focusing on an area we are able to observe them - then surely this twitch would be ongoing and always visible. The fact that its not always visible, and only apparent when i focus on the area, surely implies that the act of focusing creates the sensation??? 
It could be...
I can't oppose what you say, so just go with it.

What i do know is that the longer i meditate, the deeper and more relaxed i get, the more i feel.
On retreat (many days meditating), my experience has been my whole body opening up and these sensations are happening all over throughout the day. And when i don't react to them and allow the experience to be what it is... post-retreat i know for myself i have changed for the better.

I cannot say how it works. it works though.
My opinion is that the Vipassana we both know and practice is great for deep shamanic experiences, say a half-day, full-day or retreat-style sitting. 

For day-to-day it can work, and it's tricky to maintain.
Vipassana brings up a lot of emotional programming in opposition to us wanting to sit daily. To help heal each of these programs, we offer emotional healing sessions to help you release them. Vipassana can also release them, yet it can take a daily sitting of 2 to 3 hrs, in my personal estimate, if you are a very busy person.
Keep progressing, keep practicing, and you too will be led by your inner knowing to your unique answers.
If I can assist you via Inner Intelligence Coaching Sessions or Vipassana Meditation one-on-one instruction, then I am available via phone with a setup of an appointment.

Releasing these programs and healing the triggers that we each have in opposition to our peace is the important part.
Blessings :)
Inner Intelligence Coaching
"Effective guidance for your day-to-day living."

PART II: So what is Inner Intelligence Coaching??

Have you ever wanted to do something, but something in you said No?
Like something was holding you back and you didn't know what or why...
Inner Intelligence Coaching sessions cut through these unknown questions by going straight to the heart of the issue.
Your inner intelligence knows well.
New job? Better lover? Quit drinking? How to consistently meditate?...

Our minds may want something, but if something inside us isn't fully on board, we drag our feet.
Or maybe you Know what you desire yet something slows down your process of success.
For the past 5 years I've worked with 100's of people who are on the edge of a big breakthrough, needing a swift kick in the behind to finally say Yes to what they know is 'theirs'.
Your inner intelligence guides our entire session for 2 hours in each session- it's really like magic, and it saves tons of time and guesswork in how to proceed, what to fix, or what to do in your life.
The answers and help is priceless to feel supported with your own positive guidance.
Sessions have become so effective and uplifting in the past few months that students are taking advantage of the 4-session "30-day course", where we design a full 30-day course around you, your needs, your goals, your desires, so by the end of our time together you are Clear, on-target, singing, laughing, achieving, relating, enjoying, and all that good stuff.
Learn more about Inner Intelligence Coaching by calling 818.632.1179 or emailing vipassananewworld@live.com to share your unique story in a minute or less.
I know the feeling, it's human nature for us all... stagnation, some inner pain, racking the brain, needing, desiring, not knowing, tension, challenging relationship or job or personal health, an irritation around somebody we work with... and then, like a beacon of Light the answer comes- the insight, the healing- and BAM... big smiles areturn.
That's what these sessions are. Intimately created one-on-one phone experiences that offer you clue after clue, healing after healing, insight after golden insight into your life and your prosperity.
Call text or email to learn more by sharing your unique desire. Your life & your health is worth it, and you have YOU- the very essence of You- to gain.
Inner Intelligence Coaching with Vipassana New World

100% money-back guarantee post-sessions if you aren't fully excited about your outcome.

PictureMonthly 1/2day Angel Valley Vipassana sittings
New Training in Missouri

1. Our instructor, Jan Tijmes, with Vipassana New World will be training this September at the Dhamma Sukha meditation center in Missouri under the guidance of monk, Bhante Vimalaramsi for 7 days of silence and deep inner work. This week-long training is to train a form of vipassana meditation known as 'Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation" (TWIM), said to have been taught by the Buddha in his early years of teaching. 

Training at Dhamma Sukha will expand future retreat services at Vipassana New World by offering a retreat and/ or service for different types of students desiring a more relaxing connection to their daily insights and healing. A gentle technique, this will be a joy and a pleasure to train with Bhante V., who Vipassana New World has been playing various audios of theirs at retreats for the past few years. 

2. Due to the popularity of the evening Holy Tuesdays Tele-Sittings, we will now be changing to a single tele-sitting in the evening times at 6:30pm. The 5:30am and the 6:30am sittings will still take place, however these will not be offered via phone.

3. Monthly 1/2-day sittings are being offered now at the lovely Angel Valley Retreat Center west of Sedona by 12minutes. Come join us the 1st Saturdays of each month as we meditate from 8:30am to 1pm in a half-day shamanic healing of the mind using Goenka-styled Vipassana Meditation as our vehicle for reverence and healing. A $10 facility use fee allows students to meditate for their 1/2-day sitting and then enjoy the Angel Valley property for the rest of the day, swimming, meditating, and relaxing.
Here's a picture!!

<![CDATA[Healing Depression with Vipassana Meditation]]>Thu, 10 Jul 2014 08:00:09 GMT/blog/healing-depression-with-vipassana-meditationPicture
Question from a Meditator:

Hello Vipassana New World,

My Relative is Suffering from Depression. Before 1 year he takes Medication., But Because of some reason He goes Again into Depression So Can His Depression Be Treated With the Help of Vipassana?

Thank you

Dear Deshmuk,

We believe Vipassana is an effective tool for healing Vipassana, and it's just part of  well-rounded holistic therapy. It requires delicate guidance, and here are a few reasons why. I personally suffered with clinical Depression prior to becoming a Vipassana meditator, and the guidance I share is with some personal experience in the topic. As always, we ask you to consult a physician in the event a person has become clinically depressed and requires medical care.

Vipassana is a meditation tool which heals deep layers within our mental body, which can provide healing into the layers above it, such as the emotional and physical layers. Much of the healing it provides is on the deeper subconscious and unconscious layers of our minds, meaning one doesn't fully understand what is happening or what is being healed. We simply have feeling to go by. And some of us feel better after Vipassana and others do not feel as good.

Part of this lies in how much Vipassana is done each day or each week. This is part of the healing 'medicine'. Too little meditation, and a person may not experience any benefit. Too much each day, and a person may experience too much release, creating an abundance of depression without a strong enough mind to carry one through the wave of emotional and mental upheaval. It's for this reason we've filmed 2 videos on Vipassana and depression in the past few years (Videos are located here: http://youtu.be/xrqqifUU-bk and http://youtu.be/XgPn7dibnc4).

Too much Vipassana can be a big challenge in exacerbating one's depression symptoms unless it's part of a well-rounded program. Many students experience a wave of depression following their 10-day retreats which can last months, due to the degree of upheaval which takes place during their courses. To navigate this period equally takes skill. Again, a few videos have also been filmed on this topic, as we hear about it often from students. Once this wave following a retreat passes, we hear that students feel better than they were prior to their retreat. Their lives and minds simply needed time to readjust an settle post-retreat.

A well-rounded program may include Vipassana (awareness-building and mental healing), emotional counseling to heal one's emotional body and emotional formations (agreements and patterns), and rigorous physical activity for sweating out the stagnant depression energies and re-invigorate one's body and mind. Medicine from a prescribed doctor may be necessary for a time, until symptoms reduce and a person can resume their lives without the assistance of medicine. 

Finding something inspiring about life is equally important. Depression creates a stagnant willpower. It tries to keep us from moving, so we remain stagnant in our emotions. Yet emotions need motion to free them from their stuckness. As with all life's challenges, depression exists on the physical, emotional, mental, thought-form, and spiritual levels, so it's important to heal it from as many of these layers as possible at a time. 

To bring motion back to emotions we can incorporate rigorous physical activity into our lives; sweating a few times a week or moving a lot (walking, jogging, sports, etc.) helps tremendously, as does trying new things like acting, poetry, or any new hobby. This can sometimes help with 75% to 85% of one's challenge. This takes much motivation and encouragement from the outside of oneself, as depression can take a stronghold in one's life that can shift one's brain chemistry to believe that no motion and not doing anything (ie: not leaving the house) is a good thing. On the contrary, get out and explore.

Meditation with Vipassana is a powerful tool. If Vipassana is too strong, one can begin with a brainwave entrainment program, such as Holosync or Omharmonics. These can be gentler in rebalancing brain chemistry and building awareness. We've heard of many people who over-meditate without proper balance in life, and this stirs up a lot of depression energies, resulting in a depressed state of being. With balance, Vipassana is a blessing in healing mental layers one at a time when meditating at an equanamous rate. For some, 10 minutes daily is sufficient, while for others 45 minutes or even 2 thirty minute intervals or more is good enough. It is highly specific on the individual. Vipassana helps us become very aware of the emotions we're experiencing and in observing these emotions rather than reacting at them. If one feels less balanced following their meditation, then do less meditation.

Coaching and guidance can assist one in finding balance and inspiration through their healing.

Further emotional healing can be done with an emotional guidance facilitator who can assist with healing emotional patterns within one's psyche; traumas experienced long ago which resurface to create a high degree of depression and emotion for one to navigate. Vipassana New World currently has two individuals who provide this emotional healing and navigation therapy; a Doctor of Chiropractics and a meditation instructor and Minister who is trained in a number of emotional healing modalities.

Life coaching, psychological guidance, and emotional guidance serves a very important part of the equation. This guidance can help train our conscious minds to restate how we speak to ourselves and what we believe is possible for ourselves. If Vipassana is working on the subconscious layers (ie: the not-conscious healing), how can I guide my Vipassana sittings and my entire life more consciously, so i guide my sitting into healing the depression positively? And this comes with learning how to speak to oneself (Right Speech/ Right Communication). As an example of this, wonderful training comes from the Conscious Language System (www.MasterySystems.com).

Affirmations and decreeing our self-worth is extremely important. This is 3rd chakra healing; strengthening one's sense of self-value, self-worth, personal empowerment, and the release of stress and codependent relationships. This type of training can be done on one's own or with the guidance of an instructor, coach, or doctor. A video which may serve to assist you in this topic is: http://youtu.be/mSZCzsVuVX4.

Follow your guidance into what feels right for you, and it is our hope that this information was helpful for you and your family. Should you desire speaking with one of our facilitators, Dr. Doug, and Jan Tijmes, can assist you with a program and/ or counseling, meditation, and training to begin the healing process. 
Many blessings for the recovery of your family member,
Vipassana New World

<![CDATA[Vipassana New World opens new office in Sedona!!]]>Thu, 03 Jul 2014 23:33:58 GMT/blog/vipassana-new-world-opens-new-office-in-sedona
Dear Vipassana Community and Friends,


We wish to welcome you all to our New Healing Office here in Sedona, Arizona. On June 27th, 2014 we formally opened our new office by hosting a lovely evening with about 30 guests and the native American Indian, Uqualla, who performed a Blessing Ceremony to cleanse our space and bring healing to the hearts of those who come here.


Uqualla is a medicine man from the Havasupai Tribe whom we met last year at the Firefly Music Festival in Flagstaff. Listening to him speak, chant, and share from his Heart empowering messages about our world today is so inspiring. We felt it would be a beautiful treat for Sedona to bring him here.

Dr Doug Gilbert, Uqualla, and Jan Tijmes
Our office is a full-service healing facility with waiting area, showers, and two healing rooms.
Located at 45 Castle Rock Rd. Ste. 5 in the Village of Oak Creek, it includes the brilliant services of:

Dr. Doug Gilbert, D.C., providing
  • Chiropractic Adjustments, 
  • Emotional Baggage Transformation, and 
  • Nutritional Guidance, 

And Jan Tijmes (me), providing
  • Vipassana Instruction, Coaching, and Retreats
  • 30-day Transformation Courses
  • Emotional Healing for codependency, relationships, & trauma, and
  • Integrative Energy Therapy Healing.

We welcome you to stop by or call us at 818.632.1179 to share your unique life and learn how to let go of the past baggage that keeps our daily lives trudging along with less than desirable results.

Sessions can be in-person or remote, by phone. Dr. Doug and Nicky Tijmes specialize in in-person sessions and Jan Tijmes specializes in worldwide, remote sessions.

Your devotion to your students (me) is worth Gold! I’ve spent years and 10 times more money on traditional therapy and they’ve never given me as much care & individual attention as you’ve done for me.”

M., Author, Studio City, CA

July 2014 Specials:
Vipassana Meditation Instruction Specials:

When I teach Vipassana, it happens in our 10-day silent meditation retreats, or it comes through in our 30-day Transformation Courses designed for one’s emotional and mental mastery. Due to the involvement with each student, these courses are costly, and extremely healing.

For the month of July, Vipassana Meditation itself will be instructed for **free**, requesting a heartfelt donation of your choosing for each session. These sessions will be different than our 30-day courses, as it will focus exclusively on Vipassana. A very pure session, following in-line with the Buddha’s teaching of ‘dana’. Sessions last approx 1.5 hours and it can take 4 to 6 sessions to properly learn Vipassana.

FEE: complimentary, donation-based sessions via phone or in person


“I found Vipassana New World and through a series of “random events” a way was provided to me that allowed me to attend a 10 day noble silence retreat. It changed my life. But not because Vipassana in and of itself is life changing. It would be more accurate to say Vipassana changes minds, and when minds change, life changes.  

Vipassana found me just in the nick of time.  We all have losses in our lives; we experience bitter disappointment, the end of relationships through death or divorce, or the challenges inherent to parenting.  The opposite is also true. During those times we can almost always say, “Thank God I’ll always have you”.  Then I didn’t. 

Unlike other forms of meditation, whose benefit is felt most during the sitting, with Vipassana the benefits last well beyond the time spent in silence. In fact, the benefits seem to multiply exponentially and have a cumulative healing effect.  

Patti R., Nurse, FL

“Hearing your soothing voice giving your gentle guidance takes me back to the beautiful Sedona experience and makes me feel very in tune with the Universe. 

 I will forever be so grateful that I came across the YouTube video that led me to you and Sedona and giving me this tool to heal my life. 

I am sending rays of Love to you and your beautiful family!!” 
Karen, Houston

“Vipassana has been the single most effective tool I have added to my life in the last decade. It is a simple, calming meditation technique that I find time to do for an hour about once per week, and the benefits are varied and immediate. Physically, my body releases tension and stress, which translates immediately as increased flexibility and breathing capability in my regular workouts. Emotionally, I am a much calmer parent - my 3 year old appreciates that! Mentally I am much clearer, and spiritually I am connected to source for at least a couple of days after a session, a great feels that inspires me to keep finding the time to practice. “
-Mom, Sales, Houston, TX

Integrated Energy Therapy, I.E.T. Specials (aka: Angel Healing)
Sometimes we need to know how much we’re loved; we need to hear our Angelic Guides or receive a miracle, or give back to ourselves after working so hard and feeling low.

Integrated Energy Therapy is a lovely session lasting about 1.5 hours, which can be done remotely (Phone) or in person. In it, a person shares what they desire more of in their lives; healing between a co-worker, healing in a marriage, to get a job, to feel more confident, etc. They lay down and the Practitioner (Nicky or Jan Tijmes) proceeds to channel the energy of the Angels to cleanse 9 emotional energy centers of one’s body.

Following a session, one never knows what can happen. Below are a few kind messages we’ve received from this service.

For July, this service is being offered at a 50% discount, marked down from $140 to $70!! This makes working with the Angels very affordable.

FEE: $70/ session

Angel Healing Testimonials
“My first angel healing session focused on all the emotions and family stresses from finding out my mom had terminal cancer. Clearing out energy blockages helped tremendously, and my releases and healing rippled through to all of the family, allowing us to come together as cohesively and positively as possible during that time. The effects of that session remain to this day, a fact for which I am forever grateful.”
Pilates Instructor & Mother, Houston, TX

“After working on me for about an hour with the Angel healing and chakra balancing, every muscle in my body was very sore as if I had just been to the gym and when I would bring those two issues back into my mind, they didn't seem as potent "hot buttons" anymore.

With his help, I had identified two long term relationship issues that were at impossible stages.”
Bryan W., Contractor & Healer, Mt Shasta, CA

We look forward to serving you from our new office in Sedona. It was designed with your healing in mind. Each individual tile (we laid about 400 tiles) has an inspiring message written under each one, and each wall (we built 2 walls and remodeled 4) has special stones and messages laid within each to ensure a protected and healthy environment.

May you be blessed today,
Vipassana New World

<![CDATA[Letting Go, Giving Up, and Surrendering on Holy Tuesdays]]>Tue, 01 Jul 2014 06:27:33 GMT/blog/letting-go-giving-up-and-surrendering-on-holy-tuesdays
Being a parent of small children is an art of letting go and surrendering.

For the past month I’ve desired sending out reminders to you all about our Holy Tuesday sittings. I love Holy Tuesday. It’s a day that Vipassana New World made up to meditate together and share our respects, and it's every 2nd Tuesday.

On this day, we call into a central phone number at 5:30am, 6:30am, and 6:30pm PST and meditate Vipassana together. At a deeper level, it’s not only our own healing that is taking place, it is giving our deepest respects to Life during this day; giving our respect to Vipassana, to Vipassana Instructors around the world, to the healing energy that comes over and washes us clean, and to the way life works. It is about honoring "God".

On Holy Tuesdays I like wearing my best Spiritual outfits; one’s which lift up my heart in praise of the Divine. It’s like the Sabbath for Christians and Jews. It's a day of rest. 

It’s not that I don’t do anything on Holy Tuesday.. in fact, I wake up earlier than any other weekday, and I have coaching sessions lined up for Holy Tuesday, just like any other day. Only on this day, a few times are set aside to sit formal meditation sittings with those who call in to the central number. It’s a day where I give myself permission to drop into meditation anytime, anywhere. It’s also a day where I take moments out of each hour to bless the Great Spirit all around us that we are made of.

In my new office with 'Uqualla', a Havasupai Medicine Man, during our Blessing Ceremony June 27, 2014.

I have a few teachers who helped teach me Vipassana meditation. These lovely people are praised on this day along with all the great teachers who have brought my life from no-training (unconscious living) to one of striving for my higher consciousness.

The nice thing about Holy Tuesday is that I give myself permission to do things a little differently. Life is about breaking and repatterning our patterns; changing the way we feel and think and relate as often as possible to remain fresh in her ever-changing miracles. 

So if life takes a tumble into Mercury Retrograde, I smile, feel, observe, watch, and allow it to tumble into where it settles. If a tense moment with my wife and children reaches Defcon 5… I smile, feel, observe, watch, and allow. And if I don’t get the latest email reminder sent out to thousands of Vipassana meditators in time for our Holy Tuesday... I let go of the tension and tightness, and I smile, feel, observe, watch, and allow at deeper levels.

Sometimes I push back and force something to take place beyond my means, and Spirit supports this with a third wind that comes from nowhere. And sometimes, I allow, and feel, and smile, and observe…

Our family has been involved with a major remodel of a beautiful new healing office space in Sedona for the past 2 months (email update coming soon) along with putting on a conscious music festival in Flagstaff, AZ for the past 2 months. And each family has their own Big commitments like ours. I share mine, so you know that on Holy Tuesday, and on every day that I actively practice the training taught to me by Vipassana, I allow, smile, relax, breath, and become as aware as possible of this present moment; feeling & observing, so I don't get caught up in the heat for too long.

Tomorrow morning at 5:30am PST will be our first Holy Sitting since two weeks ago, and I haven't yet sent out the reminders.

My 'punishment' is that few, if any, will be on this powerful call. Chances are You also won't be on the second call at 6:30am either.

Probably not... Fortunately, we always have a couple lovely students by the evening 6:30pm PST call.

So why do I keep offering these calls if life can be extra challenging- especially if we're raising two little girls?



It takes time and consistency and discipline and patience to build the energy for something to root itself deep into our lives.

Some things are so good that they deserve sharing. Holy Tuesday is one of themLife can be so busy, and it takes courage and trust to let it all go, descramble, disassemble, and reassemble the ways we do things into a stronger reconfiguration that handles more chaos.  

So I send this out to you all so you know that I am still sitting my Holy Sittings every second Tuesday, and you are welcome to email Vipassana New World any day of the week to ask for a deliciously healing meditation sitting, and you will be met with a happy person at the other end of the electrons replying with a few options.

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 is Holy Tuesday. I welcome you all to bow in reverence to the Divine that sparks your Spirit each day. Thank Him/ Her for your breath, your life, your friends, your home, your food, your loving parents. And in this gratitude, you will notice the Great Energy Support of Vipassana-Energy, Dhamma-Dhatu, bathe and surround you, whispering with encouragement for you to dip deeply into your meditation Right Now.

There’s no time like Now.

Not later, not tomorrow, not when the kids are asleep, not when this show is over. 

Right now.

And this healthy little sacrifice will be a tick mark in your belt- a moment where you chose YOU, your Light, your Spirit, your Glory, and ‘God’- over something less important. And this tick mark will grow over time into many tick marks as through the years you will find yourself deeper and deeper in communion with your Holy Life, Holy Tuesday, and maybe even Holy Mondays, Holy Wednesdays, and so on.

I send this to you all with love.

I’ll be with you on the calls.

If you can’t make a call, simply close your eyes during each beginning of the meditations tomorrow- or any time of the day- and smile and Father Spirit and Mother Earth. For they love you dearly. You are loved so dearly. And this Love showers you more when you share your love with all of Her.

Vipassana New World

Observe, feel, watch, enjoy,  smile at it.

with Uqualla at Flagstaff's Firefly Conscious Music Festival.